Tenant Information

We pride ourselves on quality customer service and prompt maintenance. If you have a maintenance concern, please call (785) 223-5505 to report the issue or click below to open a repair request ticket.

Maintenance Repairs

General maintenance repairs (non-emergency) will be performed during normal business hours. Our goal is to provide our residents with speedy, efficient service on all requests. From time to time, however, we hope you understand that unexpected delay can occur due to circumstances out of our control (for example, a back ordered part or a required homeowner warranty plan procedure) We also provide an after-hours emergency line which can be used in cases of true emergencies only.

True emergencies:

  • Loss of heat if outside temperature is below 60 degrees.
  • Uncontrollable running water such as leaking pipe/s, sewer back up, basement standing water.
  • Stopped up toilet if it is the only toilet in the home and the clog was not caused by the resident.
  • No hot water
  • Security problems such as broken glass, broken doors or locks.
  • Any kind of electrical sparking or other serious electrical concern.
  • In case of a gas odor in or outside of the residence; please exit the home promptly and then call us and/or Kansas Gas Services.